• United Nations Secretariat

    Support to Her Excellency President E.Johnson Sirleaf as Co-Chair of the UNHLP on post-2015 Agenda. Link to the report submitted to UNSG on 30 May 2013

    Chapter on scenario construction in the AU Agenda 2063

    Situational analysis of Africa Read More

    All African Futures Forum
  • African Refineries Association (ARA)

    African refineries: Issues and Prospects Read More
  • SAMPNode

    In collaboration with UNESCO and WITS School of Governance, the Southern African Node of the Millennium Project hosted the All Africa Futures Forum with the theme Transforming Africa’s Futures at Wits School of Governance, Johannesburg, from 26th – 28th May 2014 Read More
  • MALI

    Journee nationale de la prospective (29 Janvier 2014) Read More
  • TOGO

    Processus d’elaboration de la « Vision Togo 2030 » (15-16 Avril 2014) Read More
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African Futures Background

The African Future Institute (AFI) was established in early 2004 to sustain prospective thinking in Africa by optimising on the achievements of the African Futures project (AF).

The African Futures project was set up in 1992 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to assist African countries to conduct perspective studies and develop a long-term vision for their development process.

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  • Africa Toward 2030: Challenges for Development Policy CS Director, Dr. Sven Grimm recently co-authored a chapter on “emerging partners and their impact on African development” with noted Chinese scholar, He Wenping, in the recently published collection, Africa Towards 2030: Challenges for Development Policy, edited by Erik Lundsgaarde and published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011. Systemic Technological Innovation in Africa ,pages 138-168. Read More
  • 2013 Cambridge International Development Report How do we realize the elusive vision of an Africa-led development Agenda? Working out our future together. Four steps towards. Ending global poverty Read More
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